Takeshi Shudo, head writer of the first three seasons of the Pokémon anime and screenwriter of the first three Pokémon movies, originally wanted a sad ending for the Pokémon franchise. This may come as a surprise since many episodes with Shudo at the helm focused on friendships and growing bonds.

Redditor NAveryW recently translated a blog post that was written only a year before Shudo’s death in 2010 which gave insight on this darker ending. Shudo wanted to finish the show with an elderly Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in the Japanese version) imaging all the Pokémon adventures he went on and going on one last adventure. Every Pokémon adventure he experienced were just figments of his imagination. “Months and years having passed, Satoshi, who has become an old man, suddenly remembers the old days,” states the translated blog. “It is an embellished memory of childhood. A fantasy…The imaginary creatures, Pokémon, and their adventure. Friendship. Coexistence. That is, in the real human world, something Satoshi could not possibly encounter. However, somewhere in childhood, surely Pikachu and the other Pokémon are there, Musashi (Jessie) and Kojiro (James) are there, Mewtwo is there…”

Ending Pokémon on a darker note is not the only interesting idea Shudo had about the franchise. He wrote a blog post about a fourth movie where Pikachu is a revolutionary and frees his kind from captivity and then ends with a battle between Ash and Pikachu. This idea never came into fruition.

What do you think of this proposed ending? What kind of ending would you like to see for the Pokémon anime?

By Ashleigh Stewart


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