These rules apply to all of our social media links and not just our website:

  1. Don’t use foul language against any member of the Everything Geek Podcast staff or any of your fellow fans. We may permit the use of language if you’re unhappy about news regarding something (i.e. the cancellation of one of your favourite TV shows) but not if the language is directed at anyone.
  2. Don’t bash any franchise you’re not a fan of because it’s not for you. Every franchise has a set of fans and we at the Everything Geek Podcast aim to appeal to as many sets of fans as we can.
  3. Don’t make rude comments about any of the guests that have been on our podcast. Many of the guests we have interviewed and their agents look at our website and other social media links. Some even follow us for news and other interviews just like you do and seeing rude comments about them may make a guest unwilling to return on the podcast.

If you follow all of these straightforward guidelines then there will be no problems. The podcast is done by geeks for fellow geeks so we want all of you to be to be able to enjoy yourselves while behaving professionally and politely to your fellow fans.


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