The Everything Geek Podcast was created in June 2013 when founder Ruari Williamson decided he wanted to take on a new challenge. Having previously been part of podcasts focusing on only one franchise, Ruari wanted to run a podcast that would appeal to all kinds of geek fans around the world. This led to the Everything Geek Podcast being born.

Here at the Everything Geek Podcast we look to provide you with interviews from the cast and crew of your favourite films, TV shows and more as well as other great content we hope fellow geeks will enjoy.

Everyone in our team is a passionate geek just like all of you and we always aim to demonstrate as such with what we provide for you. Between all of us we have a wealth of fandoms and we seek to please the fans of every fandom to the best of our ability.

We’re a podcast run by geeks for geeks and we look to provide what we feel we ourselves would want to see from a geek podcast. We do our best to provide as much as we can from popular geek interests including films, TV, video-games, comics and ranging to conventions and collecting.

We’re always looking to hear from fellow geeks. Want to contribute to the podcast, give us ideas on anything we could talk about and give us guest suggestions? If you want to talk to us head over to our contact section for all of our social media links.

Every member of the Everything Geek Podcast staff and contributors is expected to act professionally and appropriately in the podcasts name. Anyone who follows us on any of our social media links and website are also expected to act in the same manner as outlined in our rules.

Take a look at our rules here.

Without the support and following of geeks around the world we wouldn’t be able to provide the content that we can. This goes to shows how strong the geek community is and that it will only get stronger. We’re looking forward to seeing how it will get stronger with you.