Our interview with actress Ferelith Young is now up on our YouTube channel!

You can listen to the interview below:

Join host Ruari in this guest interview with actress Ferelith Young, best known for playing Eleni Syndulla in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Ned Wynert in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Female Brotherhood Hopeful in Fallout 76, Sharon in Titans, Countess Gisella Almassy in Reign, Sandra in 21 Thunder, Sam Maclean in Diggstown, Helen in Affinity, Lauren Riley in Deadly Secrets by the Lake, Sophia in Nailed, Maggie in Peaked in High School, Echo in Hollywood Reflections: A Fable and Tawny Hunn in Cardinal. Ferelith’s behind the scenes credits include the Vancouver Production Assistant on The Beast of Bottomless Lake.

In the interview they talk about how Ferelith got into acting, how Ferelith was originally cast as Eleni Syndulla in Star Wars: The Bad Batch, whether Ferelith was a fan of Star Wars prior to her casting, what Ferelith was told about the character of Eleni Syndulla when she was about to record her first scene as her, whether Ferelith was given a lot of freedom coming up with the voice for Eleni Syndulla or whether The Bad Batch crew already had it in their minds how they wanted her to be portrayed, Ferelith’s experience playing Eleni Syndulla in The Bad Batch, the similarities that Ferelith sees between herself and Eleni, Ferelith’s reaction to being cast as Eleni, what it was like for Ferelith getting to explore Eleni’s character and her relationships with the other characters like Hera and Cham, what it means for Ferelith to be part of The Bad Batch as Eleni, Ferelith’s favourite memories from her time working on The Bad Batch, the biggest challenges that Ferelith faced while working on The Bad Batch, how it feels for Ferelith to be part of an amazing Star Wars animated show for Disney+ in The Bad Batch, the characters/storylines Ferelith would like to see get Star Wars shows on Disney+, Ferelith’s experience performing Ned Wynert in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate through motion capture and creating the voice for the character, what it meant to Ferelith to be able to bring the first transgender character to Assassin’s Creed, Ferelith’s overall experience working on Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, Ferelith’s experience working on the likes of Fallout 76, Titans, Reign and other projects, Ferelith’s favourite characters she has played in her career so far, the most challenging role in Ferelith’s career so far and Ferelith’s upcoming acting roles and other projects.

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By Ruari Williamson

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