Each week, The Walking Dead never fails to have audiences at the edge of their seats with its thrilling storylines. It seems there are always moments where viewers are screaming at their televisions and becoming more and more emotionally invested into the show. One would think it’s almost impossible to enhance the viewing experience.

AMC developed the “The Walking Dead Story Sync” where you can follow along with your tablet, smartphone, desktop computer, or laptop as the show commences. This gives you a chance to interact with the show during each episode premiere. Ways to interact with the show include answering quiz questions from previous seasons, rating the gore factor of bloody scenes, reading about featured weaponry, guessing who said quotes, rating moral decisions by characters, and more. The choices you make determine if you survive the episode and which character you are most like. Results from other viewers are displayed as well so one can see how others interact. Responses from celebrity guests to be featured on The Talking Dead are also available with the others.

Be sure to try “Story Sync” during the next episode of The Walking Dead. It offers a more in depth viewing experience and a chance to directly interact with the show. Will you survive each episode or be devoured by the walkers?

By Ashleigh Stewart


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