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Great news for fans of The Walking Dead! Showrunners of the TV series are rumoured to be bringing comic series villain Negan in for the Season 6 finale, with a casting call going out with a description similar to the character.

The codename for the character is “Orin”, but as you’re probably aware The Walking Dead casting calls for comic characters usually have codenames to avoid fans knowing which comic characters are debuting on the show.

The description of the character reads:

“30s to mid-40s. A physically imposing, charismatic, brutal, smart, ferocious, frightening, hilarious, inappropriate, oddly friendly, fun loving sociopath that is both a leader of men and a killer of men. He has both a practical and emotional intelligence, he’s a brilliant strategist, he’s pure, dangerous, murderous, often gleeful, but still has both discipline and a code. And he has a temper that can vaporize people. He’s truly one of the strongest personalities ever…”

Thoughts on this rumour? Are you excited about the prospect of seeing Negan in the TV series?


By Ruari Williamson


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