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A new poster for the on-going Pokémon XY series has been released.

The poster teases things that could be coming up in future episodes of the series.

*Potential spoilers follow so if you don’t want any spoilers this is your official SPOILER alert warning*.



The poster hints at the following things:

Alain (the lead of the Mega Evolution special episodes) will appear in the main series.

Lysandre (*SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO DON’T PLAY THE GAMES* the villain of the X & Y games) will appear in the main series, having only previously appeared in the Mega Evolution special episodes so far.

Ash’s Sceptile could be returning to the show.

Ash’s Frogadier will evolve into a Greninja, and get a unique look based on Ash’s attire.

Ash’s Noibat may evolve into a Noivern.

A new Pokémon Zygard is shown and will have multiple forms, at least three are definitely known.

Thoughts on the poster? What are you most excited for based on the poster?


By Ruari Williamson


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