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After the successful release of the first thirteen episode on Netflix, How To Train Your Dragons fans have wondered when the details on the next batch of episodes (expected in December) would be revealed. Thanks to Netflix, the titles of the next batch, episodes 14-26, have been released.

The episode titles are as follows:

  Team Astrid

  Night of the Hunters, Part 1

  Night of the Hunters, Part 2

  Bad Moon Rising

  Snotlout Gets the Axe

  The Zippleback Experience

  Snow Way Out

  Edge of Disaster, Part 1

  Edge of Disaster, Part 2

  Shock and Awe

  A Time to Skrill

  Maces and Talons, Part 1

  Maces and Talons, Part 2

No specific details on any of the episodes have been revealed, but I do have some theories on what some of these episodes may include:

  1. Team Astrid is either an Astrid-centric episode or the Astrid/Tuffnut episode that was confirmed by showrunners Art E. Brown and Douglas Sloan.
  2. Night of the Hunters could introduce new villains.
  3. The Zippleback Experience is either another Tuffnut/Ruffnut episode or features other Dragon riders trying to use Barf and Belch.
  4. The Edge of Disaster two-parter could feature an attack by Dagur the Deranged on the Dragon’s Edge.
  5. A Time to Skrill will see the return of the Skrill dragon.


A low quality image is included below which shows the new episode titles on Netflix:

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Thoughts on the episode titles? Which of these are you most excited for in the next batch of Dragons Race to the Edge episodes?


By Ruari Williamson


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