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“Ruari is a wonderful interviewer. He is thorough, respectful and informed about the people he is speaking with and always conducts the podcasts extremely professionally (and funnily, I might add.) I had a blast both times I recorded interviews, and Ruari made me feel totally comfortable. I look forward to more interviews in the future!”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 125 Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Actress

“Ruari is wonderful. I so enjoyed doing an interview with him.  He asks fantastic questions, and we had a lot of fun!  I am very glad to know him.  I love listening to the podcasts as well.  The Everything Geek Podcast rocks!”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 11 Vanessa Marshall, Actress

“I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Ruari on his Everything Geek Podcast. He had really done his research and asked terrific questions. Certainly not your typical interview. His enthusiasm is contagious, and it made our talk genuinely fun. I look forward to talking with him again.”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 405 Steve Coulter, Actor

“I had such a lovely time on Ruari’s podcast.  He is kind, genuine, enthusiastic about his guests, and overall supportive throughout the entire process.  Thank you so much for the encouragement, and for your interest!”

 Amy Birnbaum, Actress

“I had a great time on the podcast and hope to do it again someday. Ruari is a wonderful host, and his knowledge of his subjects (like my career) is widespread and deep.”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 433 Keith Szarabajka, Actor

“I had a blast talking with Ruari and Máirín on the Everything Geek Podcast. They were fun, professional, and well-researched. Looking forward to joining the podcast again!”

 Clay Adams, Actor

“Ruari has the best spirit! I could have spent all afternoon chatting about Pokémon and the world of voice over. He asks great questions about both the industry and the details of the shows we love.”

 Samara Naeymi, Actress

“Ruari is an outstanding interviewer!  He made the experience very easy and relaxed, and his questions were well-informed.  He always delivers respect while getting the information his listeners want. Easily one of the best interview experiences I’ve had, and I look forward to seeing Everything Geek becoming more widespread!”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 15 Rich McDonald, Actor

“I had a fantastic time hanging out with Ruari and Al during our interview. They asked me very thoughtful questions (sent ahead of time, much appreciated!) and it felt very comfortable, like we’ve met and had a chat before! I’m very honored to be included in such an illustrious group of interviewees. I wish the team all the best in the future. Thanks again!”

 Nicki Rapp, Actress

“Ruari, my thanks to you and everyone associated with the podcast.  Your invitation to be interviewed on the show was much appreciated.  Everything ran smoothly and professionally.  Your questions were interesting and well thought out.  A wonderful experience.  Thanks so much, and continued success for you and the show.”

 Brian Sommer, Actor

“Being interviewed by Ruari is like being gently touched by the waves at Claddagh na nGael and brought out into the open ocean of your life, only to be returned again, safely to the shores of Skype. Although I was suspicious of Lawron’s absence, and Ruari’s unbridled glee at having the podcast to himself for the day, I was happy to find out Lawron was alive, conscious, and still working on the podcast.”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 369 Michael Goldstrom, Actor

“I had a great time on the Everything Geek Podcast. Ruari and the team had some great questions prepped and even crowd sourced a few from social media, which I loved! It was a fun show and I would totally come back on the podcast for more good times.”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 141 Jake Paque, Actor

“Ruari is a wonderful host, quick to make any guest feel at ease and comfortable. His questions were thoughtful and well-informed, and he’s funny to boot! I’d happily chat with him again!”

 Cissy Jones, Actress

“Had a blast chatting with Ruari. He’s a great dude and we had a very fun talk! He had great questions and was very knowledgeable about the geek world! Thank you Ruari. I look forward to chatting again!”

 Adam Tsekhman, Actor

“Had a fantastic time chatting with Ruari. He asks excellent questions and offers keen insights. (He also has a wonderful accent— would love to hear him do some VO!) I will definitely be tuning in to listen to future podcasts as well. Thank you, Ruari and Everything Geek!”

 Christian Rummel, Actor

“Ruari is a very thorough interviewer, asking in-depth questions while allowing for room to expand. I enjoyed our conversation!”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 389 Jordan Woods-Robinson, Actor

“The interview went really well. The guys were lovely and sweet. Would do this again for sure. Top blokes!”

 Teressa Liane, Actress

“Ruari is awesome! I had a ton of fun on the podcast and he asked great questions. Would love to come back.”

 Jocelyn Panton, Actress

“Ruari is a great host!  I really enjoyed chatting with him and answering his very thoughtful questions.  I look forward to the next interview!”

 Lindsay Sheppard, Actress

“I had a great time talking to Ruari and Máirín. It was an honour to be invited on the podcast and I look forward to future interviews! Many thanks to the listeners!”

 Alaa Safi, Actor

“Everything was great! It was my first podcast and it went well. I enjoyed the questions although I could have done with more. After we were done I felt we missed out on something but I’m not quite sure what. Overall 10/10 though.”

 Mason Heidger, Actor

“Ruari is a very welcoming host, and his questions are well chosen and insightful. It was a pleasure to share in the Everything Geek experience!”

 Michael Lockwood Crouch, Actor

“Ruari and his co-hosts made the interview very fun. They had obviously thought out their questions in advance and yet they had some excellent off the cuff follow up questions as well.  Would not hesitate to do it again.”

 Jack Thomas, Writer

“Ruari, I enjoyed the interview so much that I could have easily run overtime talking on your podcast. Thanks for your interest in my acting career. Just an input for your show, I’ve had interviews on BBC F.M broadcast stations that have been much more pressurising than your show, which I found more laid back and comfortable. Was lovely to talk to you.”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 492 Paul Redfern, Actor

“It was a pleasure being a guest on the Everything Geek Podcast. The interview was well researched and the questions were interesting to answer. Ruari conducted the interview extremely professionally and the experience on the whole was very much enjoyable. I look forward to listening to some future interviews on the site.”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 517 Scott Stevenson, Actor

“It was an absolute pleasure to chat to Ruari about my experience of flying Tie Fighters in The Force Awakens. Love the show and the site. Keep up the good work.”

 Mark Everex-Collett, Actor

“What could be better than two Star Wars Fans talking about Star Wars? Erm, Nothing!
It was great to share my experience with another fan who could relate to how much it means to me to be a part of the franchise. I hope the fans enjoyed it too.”

 Dee Tails, Actor

“Ruari and the Everything Geek Podcast team have a good eye for new and upcoming talent. His interviews with guests are something that will be looked back on, especially as we all push forward in our careers. There’s a lot of excitement to see EGP grow and build up their archive of geeks!”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 89 Will Martin, Actor

“Being interviewed by Ruari and Lawron was a great experience. They were both lovely, fun, yet professional and had very interesting questions prepared. I really enjoyed thinking back and reminiscing about my time on the Harry Potter movies, and sharing my experiences with the Everything Geek team and fans. Ruari and Lawron provided a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, to the point where I almost forgot that I was doing an interview! Thanks again for the opportunity to be on your show and I hope that we can speak again in the future!”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 534 Gabriele Fritz, Actress

“Being interviewed by Ruari was a pleasure. He included so many thought provoking questions. With his keen interest shining through, this all combined to make his Everything Geek Podcast a very enjoyable and relaxed conversation.”

 Michelle Morris, Actress

“After many years had passed since my appearance in Star Wars, I was asked to appear at Newcastle Film and Comic Con to talk about my year working on Star Wars. Following that experience, it was a great honour to be invited onto Ruari’s Everything Geek Podcast for an interview on my acting career. The podcast was very nice and I felt very excited to appear on the show. I would like to thank the fans of Star Wars and Doctor Who for their interest in me. I started off as a young actor and film extra, and the kindness that the fans have given me has been wonderful, both on the Everything Geek Podcast and a number of events that I have attended.”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 318 Patrick Ginter, Actor

“I had a lovely time speaking with Ruari. He was well prepared, professional and delightful.”

 Julie Marcus, Actress

“I had a great time on the podcast. The hosts were both gracious and graceful.”

EGP Images for Guest Index Image 76 Zach Hanks, Actor