The final three Lego sets for the highly-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have been revealed.

“The LEGO Super Heroes Clash of the Heroes set captures an iconic moment from the film’s trailer, with the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel meeting in front of the Bat-Signal. The 90 piece set features minifigures for both heroes, a Bat-Signal that rotates and explodes, and a buildable kryptonite bazooka. The set goes on sale Jan. 1, with a retail price of $12.99.”

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“The Lego Super Heroes Kryptonite Interception set features Batman’s iconic ride, the Batmobile, with opening doors. At 300 pieces total, the set also feature minifigures for Batman and two LexCorp “henchmen,” a forklift, and Kryptonite. The set will be released Jan. 1, and is priced at $29.99.”

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“The Lego Super Heroes Untied: Sky-High Battle features both the Batwing and Lex Luthor’s LexCorp helicopter. The Batwing has foldout wings and an opening cockpit. The set comes with minifigures of Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The 516 piece set goes on sale Jan. 1, with an MSRP of $49.99.”

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set for release on March 25th, 2016.

Thoughts on these sets? Are you planning to buy any of them?


By Ruari Williamson


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