The Everything Geek Podcast is DELIGHTED to announce that actress Emily Swallow is the next actress we’re confirming for a celebrity guest interview on the podcast!
Emily is best known for playing The Armorer in The Mandalorian and Amara aka The Darkness and Sonja’s Qareen in Supernatural. Her other notable roles include Kim Fischer in The Mentalist, Natalie Pierce in SEAL Team, Lisa Tepes in Castlevania, Dr. Michelle Robidaux in Monday Mornings, Brandi in The Lucky Ones, Lisa Crane in Adoptable, Dina Clarke in Southland, Lisa Cameron in How to Get Away with Murder, Detective Elizabeth Saldana in Ringer, Carla in Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Bathsheba Pope in Timeless and Darlene Kelp in NCIS.
We’re looking forward to chatting with and interviewing Emily on the podcast. If you have any questions for Emily please feel free to leave them in the comments. We’ll make sure to post updates once a date is confirmed for Emily to be on the podcast.

By Ruari Williamson

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  1. Derrick Stokley

    January 31, 2020 (13:59) Reply

    Your character is the female Obi Wan to The Mandalorian’s Luke Skywalker. Will we see her become a much more a part of season 2 with a story arc of her own and would you like to be a villain in one of the CW DC shows like Supergirl Stargirl Batwoman and Green Arrow And The Canaries?

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