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Name: Matthew Mercer

Notable roles:

Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil: Damnation,

Tim Drake/Robin (Batman: Arkham Knight)

Bowen/Fegg (Game of Thrones Telltale Game)

Tygra (Thundercats)

Aikuro Mikisugi (Kill La Kill)

Levi (Attack on Titan)

Reapmon/Beelzemon/Omnimon (Digimon Fusion)

Lonnie Machin/Anarky (Batman: Arkham Origins)

Tony Stark/Iron Man (Iron Man: Rise of Technovore)

Stryker (Mortal Kombat)

Hydro-Man (Spider-Man Unlimited)

Balok (Star Trek: Shattered Universe)

Shiranami (Naruto)

Mordresh Fire Eye (World of Warcraft)

Nemesis Orcs (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor)

Ice Pick Joe (Beware the Batman)

Date of appearance on podcast: December 7th 2013

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