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Name: Julian Sands

Notable roles:

Gerald Crane (Gotham)

Jor-El (Smallville)

Vladimir Bierko (24)

The Doci (Stargate SG-1)

George Emerson (A Room with a View)

Jon Swain (The Killing Fields)

Warlock (Warlock, Warlock: The Armageddon)

Young Henrik (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

Yuri (Leaving Las Vegas)

Dr. Nick Cavanaugh (Boxing Helena)

Doctor James Atherton (Arachnophobia)

Franklin McVeigh (Blood and Bone)

Snakehead (The Medallion)

Evgeny (The Loner)

The Phantom (The Phantom of the Opera)

Winslow Cunard (Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks)

Lord Kilmartin (The Village)

William Jagger (Crossbones)

Priest (Banshee)

Miles Castner (Dexter)

Teddy Farrow (Castle)

Philip Reinhardt (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

Barclay Pallister (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)

Alistair Wesley (Person of Interest)

DeFalco (Call of Duty: Black Ops II)

Grand Moff Regus (Star Wars: The Old Republic)

Mayor Valmont (Jackie Chan Adventures)

Date of appearance on podcast: July 29th 2016

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