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Name: Geoffrey Cantor

Notable roles:

Ellison (Daredevil series)

Beverly Felton (Grand Theft Auto V)

Clay Steward/Alvyn Derleth/Mr. Jones (Alan Wake)

Gordon Evans (Man on a Ledge)

Harry Suydam (Public Enemies)

Dr. Moscowitz (When in Rome)

Ben Goldstein (House of Cards)

Phil Ryerson (The Blacklist)

Karl Manhair (Karl Manhair)

Postal Inspector/Tom Vanderfield (Deception)

Jim Dooley/Adam Stein/Dr. Luther Wilding (Law & Order)

Ethan Lowe/Dukay’s Attorney/Will Timmons (Law & Order: Criminal Intent)

Gene Fierstein/Victor/Ed Mangini (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)

Thane Rosenbloom (The Americans)

Sebastian Alta (Person of Interest)

Eli Kaplan (The Sopranos)

Ronald Hardin (Law & Order: Trial by Jury)

Detective (The Following)

Technician (Men in Black 3)

Pedestrian (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

Date of appearance on podcast: January 9th 2016

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