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On the next LIVE special guest interview from the Everything Geek Podcast which will take place today, we’ll be welcoming back actress Haven Paschall to the podcast! Haven is best known as the voice of Serena in Pokémon. Her other notable roles include the voice of Jessie’s Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist, Miette’s Slurpuff, Sawyer’s Slurpuff, Swirlix, Concordia, Ellie and Florence in Pokémon and Bloom in Winx Club. We’ll be taking YOUR questions for Haven as well, so if you have any questions for Haven on any of her roles, please leave them in the comments or call-in when we look for questions or call-ins from our listeners on Channel1138! Haven’s full list of credits can be found here:

Haven’s Credits

Our Live Website

By Ruari Williamson

PS: The interview will take place today at 6pm UK/1pm Eastern/12pm Central/10am Pacific.

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